Annie is so awesome and special!  I know that she will continue to impact people’s lives, not because of Pilates but because of who she is and what she gives to others through her unique style and essence.  You couldn’t ask for a better teacher than that, ever!


I have a long history of sports injuries, surgeries and chronic pain issues in my lower back and hips.  I also have a desk job, where I work long hours hunched over my keyboard.  I had done every type of physical therapy and alternative medicine with very little improvement.  I have been working with Annie for several years doing Pilates and my pain levels have dramatically improved from the time I started.  Her knowledge of the body and attention to detail have been instrumental in improving my quality of life.


My husband is 82 and I am 80; we have been attending regular Pilates classes with Annie.  We both think Annie is a very effective instructor. She is always careful to modify our exercises to accommodate our ages and physical limitations.  She also continues to challenge us with new routines without pushing us into the area of possible injury.  We both recommend Annie as an excellent and effective Pilates instructor.


I have been taking Pilates classes with Annie for 3.5 years and can honestly say she is outstanding.  During my career as an elite level gymnast I had countless injuries and surgeries.  A severe lower back injury and chronic pain forced me to retire in 2002.  With Annie’s extensive knowledge, listening and understanding my back pain slowly improved on a daily basis.  I have increased strength, better body awareness, decreased pain and much improved posture.

Annie focuses on overall strength as well as specific areas during class.  She keeps classes interesting and maintains a pleasant, yet focused and motivating, atmosphere.  She is passionate and truly cares about each individual.  I highly recommend Annie.


Annie is the best fitness instructor I’ve ever had!  She is extremely knowledgeable about Pilates and methods that help to attain proper alignment and better posture. She is passionate about her profession and cares deeply for all of her students.  She has taught me how to listen to my body and I am stronger, healthier, and taller that ever before!


I have been doing Pilates for the past 13 years and have worked with a number of different instructors.  Working with Annie has exceeded my expectations.  As an instructor Annie pays attention to the individual and the body she is working with; Annie tailors the exercises to what is right for each person, not what the repertoire is for everyone. In the two years I have worked with Annie following major cervical fusion, I have not had one experience that has caused my pain to flare.  I have been able to strengthen my body and further minimize my pain.  I would recommend Annie to anyone.


Whether you’re a new or an experienced Pilates student, working with Annie is sure to be an eye opening experience.  I started taking classes and private sessions with Annie about a year ago with fantastic results.  I’ve always incorporated fitness classes, walking, running and yoga into my life.  However, I have struggled with reoccurring back issues for years.  Annie showed me countless exercises and modifications that  isolated troubled areas & strengthened weakened muscles.  To date, I’ve never felt stronger or more flexible.   Plus, I’m back to conducting all my normal activities…pain free!  I’d highly recommend Annie to anyone looking for a targeted approach to fitness.  Annie offers a unique blend of enthusiasm, knowledge and a genuine interest in helping people achieve their personal fitness goals.


I have been working with Annie since 2008.  Initially, I began this workout for weight loss, but after the birth of my son in 2009, I needed to rebuild the core strength and flexibility I had lost during my pregnancy.  Not only did Annie personalize a workout for the changing needs of my body, she also suggested several books and articles that explained what was going on with my body.

Her knowledge and professionalism have shown me that she cares about her clients and that their safety is her number one concern.  Annie always follows up with me the day after my workout and is quick to assess any problems I may be experiencing.  I highly recommend Annie to all of my family and friends.


I’m so glad to have known Annie, she is not just good she is GREAT!! Through Annie I’ve understood the value of exercise, how to challenge one’s self and to respect one’s limits as well. Annie is different from most instructors because she cares about her student’s overall well-being; that’s a huge gift to have. I thank Annie for teaching me about Pilates and I hope to carry this with me for the rest of my life.